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12 Brunch Cocktails That Won’t Knock You Out by Noon

Brunch is just as much about the adult beverages as it is about the Benedicts. Mimosas, bellinis and Bloody Marys have long been standard go-tos, but there’s no need to stick to norms. These days, brunchtime drinks run the gamut, from bubbles and easy-drinking wine to caffeinated espresso martinis and lighter-side libations, like spritzes and wine-infused cocktails.

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Whether you’re looking to elevate an Easter gathering, Mother’s Day celebration, early birthday get-together or just any given Sunday with daytime-appropriate drinks, we’ve got you covered with a well-curated selection of brunch beverages.

The following Wine Enthusiast-approved cocktails include a selection of sparkler-infused specialties, as well as drinks with floral and herbaceous elements and other refreshing flavors. They’re all ideal for extended daytime drinking sessions amongst friends.

St. Germain Spritz
Image Courtesy of St. Germain

St-Germain Spritz

A simple, elegant marriage of Prosecco, soda water, St-Germain elderflower liqueur and lemon, this fresh libation is a wonderful platform for seasonal garnishes like edible flowers in the spring.

Get the Recipe: St-Germain Spritz

Bunny in a Top hat
Photography by Tom Arena

Bunny in a Top Hat

Whether you need an NA crowd-pleaser for guests who don’t drink or just want the ability to switch between booze and something lighter, this vividly-hued cocktail covers your bases. The vegetal drink gets its complex flavors from a mix of zero-proof tequila and flavorful carrot-orange juice.

Get the Recipe: Bunny in a Top Hat

Carajillo Cocktail


Created in 1982 by London bartender Dick Bradsell, this caffeinated cocktail is essentially the predecessor of the ever-popular espresso martini. Our shaken, Mexican-style carajillo features Licor 43, a low-proof Spanish liqueur with baking-aisle flavors like vanilla and cinnamon.

Get the Recipe: Carajillo

Hugo Spritz Cocktail
Image Courtesy of Tom Bell Images

The Hugo Spritz

While it has been around for some time, the Hugo spritz’s rise to prominence as 2023’s drink of the summer remains something of a mystery. Regardless, we’re glad it became as popular as it did. The refreshing, low-alcohol sparkling wine cocktail, which delivers a gentle, floral flavor and a hint of herbaceous mint, is an ideal mid-morning libation.

Get the Recipe: The Hugo Spritz

The Rever Cocktail
Photo by Todd Huffman

The Rêver

This bright, herbaceous drink, whose name is a French translation of “to dream,” certainly encourages reverie with its springtime flavor profile. The main ingredient, blanc vermouth, lends bold, sweet and oxidized notes, while caraway-accented aquavit adds backbone and herbaceous yellow Chartreuse a subtle sweetness.

Get the Recipe: The Rêver

Pitcher of Clericó, Uruguay's white sangria, with fruit
Photo by Tom Arena


This fruity white wine sangria is a summertime staple at the bistros that line Uruguay’s nearly 250 miles of coastline. The fruity wine spritz, which blends inexpensive dry white wine, a dash of sweet liquor and an abundance of fresh fruits, is enjoyed at weddings, holiday parties and picture-perfect days by the sea. Surprise, surprise—it’s also well-suited for brunch.

Get the Recipe: Clericó

Mint Julep

Low-Proof Mint Julep

Want a mint julep that’s not going to put your guests over the top? This recipe features Cynar, an Italian amaro, rather than full-strength bourbon for a South American riff on the Kentucky Derby classic.

Get the Recipe: Low-Proof Mint Julep Recipe

Spritz cocktail on a blue chair
Getty Images

Tonino House Spritz

This yuzu sake-enhanced spritz from Tonino in Boston is an ideal sunny day drink with a bit more body than the typical spritz. Both the Joto Yuzu Sake and Cappelletti Aperitivo have some weight to them, so—unlike so many deceivingly strong cocktails—this drink feels heavier than it is.

Get the Recipe: Tonino House Spritz

A pink fizzy drink with a lemon twist in a flute on a wood table
Photo courtesy Bookstore Bar & Café

Lavender 75

This cocktail, from Seattle’s Bookstore Bar & Café, is a lighter take on the French 75. It still has sparkling wine, but the gin is replaced with lavender syrup, making it appropriate for sipping on a sunny day with friends.

Get the Recipe: Lavender 75

Sangria Slushie
Photo by Caitlin Bensel

Sangria Slushie

This slushie recipe gives sangria a warm-weather makeover with infinite possibilities for customization by swapping out the frozen fruit base.

Get the Recipe: Sangria Slushie

Image of homemade hard seltzer with mint leave as a garnish
Homemade Hard Seltzer / Photo credit Vinny Whiteman from 60-Second Cocktails

Homemade Hard Seltzer

Taking its cues from RTD canned malt beverages, like White Claw and Truly, this low-ABV, vodka-based drink is refreshingly effervescent and low in both sugar and calories. The fruit flavor comes from a dollop of fruit preserves, making it ready to adapt to every season.

Get the Recipe: Homemade Hard Seltzer

COM Mi Nonie Cocktail
Mi Nonie Cocktail / Photo by Tom Arena

Mi Nonie

Brooklyn-based bartender Greg Floyd says he brought his morning apple cider vinegar “routine to the brunch scene” when he created this low-ABV mezcal concoction. The well-rounded drink balances the smoky spirit and zesty vinegar with clove-infused honey syrup and a touch of floral-scented St-Germain. And, if you’re also catering to some sober folks, this drink can be made NA by omitting the spirit and swapping in a non-alcoholic elderflower syrup for the famous liqueur.

Get the Recipe: Mi Nonie

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