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The 12 Best Wine Coolers and Fridges for Every Kind of Collector

From your favorite weeknight Chardonnay to that special bottle of Pinot Noir or Champagne you’ve stashed away, the wines you enjoy and collect deserve nothing but the best storage conditions. And let’s face it, you won’t achieve them by stashing your bottles in a kitchen cupboard, or worse, leaving them exposed to fluctuating temperatures and light in your garage or on your kitchen counter.

Whether you’re a casual wine drinker or a serious collector, a wine cooler is a worthy investment. Also known as wine refrigerators or wine cellars, wine coolers are specially designed to keep your bottles at the ideal temperatures for drinking and aging, and to protect them against their natural enemies: temperature fluctuations, low humidity, light, vibration and odor.  

While some wine coolers are designed for long-term storage and extreme ambient temperatures, others offer unique features for entertaining, small collections, and showcasing your wine. Which one is right for you? 

To help you answer that question, we’ve rounded up our 12 best wine coolers of 2024 for every kind of drinker and need.

Best Wine Cooler for Serious Collectors

EuroCave Revelation L Wine Cellar

“Devoted to maturing wine, The EuroCave Revelation is a popular cellar choice for avid wine collectors and upscale restaurants and hospitality establishments around the world,” says Marshall Tilden III, DWS, CSW, Chief Education and Revenue Officer of Wine Enthusiast. And with good reason. In addition to advanced climate control features like a humidity cassette and hygrometer (to control and measure humidity levels), thermal-insulated walls and a circulation fan (to regulate temperature), it features soft-close Main du Sommelier sliding shelves with adjustable bottle supports that allow you to store all sizes and types of bottles in a variety of ways. Plus, luxurious design details, like full-cabinet amber lighting, metal name plates and an optional presentation shelf. “I love how customizable the wine is and (how) the temperature keeps +/-0.5,” says customer Phillip M.  “It’s whisper-quiet and beautifully finished.” While it’s priced on the higher side, customers say this top-notch cellar is “worth every penny!”

  • Price at time of publication: $6,995 – $7,495
  • Temperature Setting Range: 41°F – 68°F
  • Max Capacity: 182 standard 750 mL bottles

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Best Compact Wine Cooler

Wine Enthusiast 32-Bottle Dual Zone MAX Compressor Wine Cooler

“If you are looking for a true (wine) refrigerator and a good one, this is it,” says customer Carl G. Named “Best Wine Cooler” by Food & Wine, Forbes, People, New York MagazineGood Housekeeping and Cosmopolitan, the 32-Bottle Dual Zone MAX repeatedly receives rave reviews from wine pros and drinkers for its quiet performance, compact size and value. “This wine cooler is outstanding!,” says customer Eric E. “It is the perfect size for our home as it gives us plenty of room and keeps our reds and whites at the perfect temperature.” Customers especially love its unique dual zone storage, which allows you to set each zone to different temperatures for reds and whites, or to the same temperature to be used as a single zone cooler. With its sleek design, removable chrome racks, tinted door and approachable price point, it’s great for avid wine drinkers working with minimal space or anyone looking to easily upgrade their at-home wine enjoyment without breaking the bank.

  • Price at time of publication: $499
  • Temperature Setting Range: 41°F – 64°F (Both zones)
  • Max Capacity: 32 standard 750 mL bottles

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Best Mini Wine Cooler

Wine Enthusiast 6-Bottle Wine Cooler

Named “best” cooler by Cosmopolitan for keeping your wines chilled, this tiny yet mighty wine fridge sets up easily on a kitchen counter, bar or desk so that you’ll always be ready to pour your favorite varietals at their ideal temperatures. Sized at just 15 inches tall and 10 inches wide, it fits seamlessly under kitchen cabinets.  It also has an impressive ambient temperature range of 60°F – 80°F—great for warmer climates. Reviewers call it “perfect,” recommending it for apartments, RVs and kitchens. Its mini size and budget-friendly price also make it a great wine gift. “I knew it was the perfect gift because it holds six bottles (which is just enough), it doesn’t have a huge footprint, and I loved the look of it.”

  •  Price at time of publication: $149
  • Temperature Setting Range: 46°F – 64°F
  • Max Capacity: 6 standard 750 mL bottles

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Best Wine Cooler for Entertaining

N’FINITY PRO HDX Wine Cellar with Dual Drawer Beverage Cooler

If you’re looking for the convenience of having both wine and cold beverages on hand for everyday sipping and entertaining, this cooler is a solid choice. With its stylish beechwood shelves and dual-purpose design, this unit works beautifully as a freestanding wine fridge or a built-in unit. The top wine cooler features showcase shelving with luxury spacing for easy access, while two bottom drawers keep dozens of hard seltzers, beer, sodas and other cold drinks organized and ready to drink. Powered by energy-efficient compressor cooling, it provides a consistent temperature, keeping your electricity bills down to free up resources to spend on the wines you love. Customer Barbara T. calls it a “must have” for wine lovers, sharing, “The wine cellar is quiet …the shelves are sturdy and easy to pull out—there is plenty of room in the beverage drawers; I wish I had bought it sooner.”

  •  Price at time of publication: $1,999
  • Temperature Setting Range: 41°F – 72°F (Both wine cellar and beverage drawers); Beverage drawers can be reset to 34°F if desired.
  • Max Capacity: 64 standard 750 mL bottles; approx. 100 standard 12 oz. cans

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Best Wine Cooler for the Kitchen

Latitude S Panel-Ready 24″ Smart Wi-Fi Undercounter Wine Cellar

Talk about a perfect fit. This newest rendition of our best-selling N’FINITY S wine cellar allows you to install your own custom-made front door panels and handle to match your kitchen cabinets to a tee. Available in left and right hinge options to suit the function of your space, this unit has everything you’d want in a kitchen wine cooler, including universal shelves with luxury spacing that accommodate all types of bottles and three-stage lighting.  And with a sound level rating of 39 dBA, it also runs quieter than the average dishwasher.

  • Price at time of publication: $1,299
  • Temperature Setting Range: 41°F- 72°F
  • Max Capacity: 250 standard 750 mL bottles

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Best Wine Cooler for Basement or Garage

Wine Enthusiast Classic 250-Bottle Wine Vault

Designed to protect wine in extreme ambient temperatures of 50 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, this freestanding cooler is ideal for wine collectors living in warmer climates or who need extra space for preserving red wines. Eric M. writes in his review, “Perfect for my wine collection, especially in my garage because I live in Florida; the vault’s insulation requires less energy.” It features a locking solid insulated door, charcoal filter for bad odors and beechwood shelves that accommodate all bottle types and sizes. And although it’s a powerful vault that’s designed for extreme environments, it still makes an elegant, refined presentation thanks to its showcase shelves and full-cabinet LED lighting. After having it in their garage for a few months, Adrezej C. is satisfied with its performance, saying it’s “functional, simple and well-priced.” Other reviewers say it’s an outstanding pick for handling cellar transfers and collection overflows.

  • Price at time of publication: $2,699.00
  • Temperature setting Range: 41°F – 72°F
  • Max Capacity: 250 standard 750 mL bottles

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Best Built-In Undercounter Wine Cooler

Presitge S 24″ Café Undercounter Smart Wi-Fi Wine Cellar

If you’re considering an undercounter wine fridge for your home, this easy-to-install unit features the necessary front ventilation along with sleek modern styling that complements modern appliances and furnishings. Formerly known as Vinotheque Cafe, it’s been named “best” wine fridge by Esquire and for its sleek design, great capacity and luxury touches. And customers have given it rave reviews for its quiet performance and great looks. The newly upgraded Prestige is now equipped with even more features, like two-color cabinet lighting, a humidity cassette and built-in Wi-Fi to so you can remotely control your cooler.   You can customize this fridge with a right- or left-hinged door and choose between single or dual zone to suit your collection and space.

  • Price at time of publication: $1,499
  • Temperature Setting Range – Single Zone: 41°F – 68°F; Dual Zone: 54°F – 68°F (upper) 41°F – 54°F (lower)
  • Max Capacity: 46 standard 750 mL bottles

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Best High-Capacity Wine Cooler

Classic XL 300-Bottle Wine Cellar with VinoView Shelving

Protecting a sizable wine collection in a stylish, elegant fashion is an attainable goal with this spacious wine cellar. Named a “Best Wine Fridge” by Architectural Digest, this top-selling unit is ideal for storing and displaying a collection of primarily red wines. Customers and pros especially love the beechwood showcase shelving, which allows you to display your favorite bottles label-forward. The shelving is also adjustable, making it easy to modify the fridge as your collection changes. If you’re amassing a red wine collection, this freestanding cooler is a great option, giving you the storage capacity of a small wine cellar room with room to grow. Shopper James C. shared, “A great in-house cellar. The (temperature) display is accurate to my thermostat measurement. It is as quiet as a church mouse.”

  • Price at time of publication: $2,999
  • Temperature Setting Range: 41°F – 68°F
  • Max Capacity: 300 standard 750 mL bottles

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Best Wine Cooler for Champagne

EuroCave Champagne Cabinet

For the most serious collectors of fine bubbly, this new 2023 introduction by EuroCave® is truly a thing of beauty. A nod to the French way of life, this lavish cellar is exclusively dedicated to properly storing and presenting Champagne and other sparkling wine—and it does so in an unabashedly spectacular fashion. It features a rotating “ice bucket” top shelf with elegant chrome-plated steel bottle supports for eight standard 750mL bottles or five magnums. Plus, seven universal shelves that accommodate any bottle size and type, all of which are finished in a glossy Champagne and trimmed in leather. Full-cabinet amber lighting and frameless glass door create a dramatic display that’s suited for even the most coveted bubbles. It comes with a five-year warranty–and a guaranteed wow-factor.

  • Price at time of publication: $14,995
  • Temperature Setting Range: 41°F – 54°F
  • Max Capacity: 75 standard 750 mL bottles; magnums

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Best Wine Cooler for Displaying Labels

Wine Enthusiast VinoView L 155 Smart Wi-Fi Wine Cellar

Ideal for busy wine drinkers looking for an effortless way to store and showcase their wines, our newly upgraded VinoView Wi-Fi wine cellar has it all. Using the Wine Enthusiast Remote Control App on your smart device, you can easily control and monitor your wine cooler from anywhere, at any time. It also features patented VinoView matrix shelves that hold all your bottles label-forward and smoothly pull out so you can easily access your entire collection. And unlike most other cellars, it can hold any type or size bottle without reducing the maximum capacity of your cellar. Equipped with energy-efficient Steady-Temp™ cooling technology, this unit delivers the most consistent, stable temperature so you can feel confident your wine is getting the attention it deserves, even when you can’t.

  • Price at time of publication: $2,199
  • Temperature Setting Range: 40°F – 72°F
  • Max Capacity: 155 bottles (all types/sizes)

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Best Starter Wine Cooler

Wine Enthusiast Classic 80 Wine Cellar

If you’re a budding collector looking for your first wine cellar, our Classic 80 is a top-selling pick that will grow with your collection over time. “We typically recommend purchasing a wine cellar that has at least 25-50% more capacity than your current collection,” says Tilden. Named “Best Wine Cooler” by The New York Times, this unit offers dependable protection against heat, light and fluctuating temperatures at a budget-friendly price. The freestanding, straightforward design and modest size works well in any space, and its cool blue LED lighting and wood-trimmed shelves make it one of the better-looking units in this price range. Reviewers love its quiet performance, “classy” style and value. Customer Jason shares, “It looks great and is a fantastic size for our entry-level needs.”

  • Price at time of publication: $1,099
  • Temperature Setting Range: 41°F – 68°F
  • Max Capacity: 80 standard 750 mL bottles

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Best Luxury Wine Cooler

EuroCave Royale Wine Cellar

Dedicated exclusively to maturing wine, and presenting like a fine piece of furniture, this stunning freestanding wine cabinet is the ultimate when it comes to at-home wine storage. “The EuroCave Royale is like the Rolls Royce of wine coolers. It’s the ideal fit for collectors who are looking for the most luxurious means to protect and display their wine,” says Tilden. Named “Best Wine Fridge” by Architectural Digest, the Royale takes EuroCave’s outstanding quality craftsmanship next level with shock-absorbing footings, self-closing doors, autonomous humidity and temperature regulation, and a temperature variance of just +/- .3 degrees. While its performance is bar none, let’s face it: this wine cellar is made to be proudly displayed. Along with full-cabinet amber lighting, each shelf is independently lit with LED lights and the cabinet is beautifully handcrafted with decorative panels and molding for an all- around luxurious look. “Very well made and impressive looking. If you love great wine and want to protect your investment, this machine is for you.” James Y. “

Also available in custom cabinet colors.

  • Price at time of publication: $15,995
  • Temperature Setting Range: 42.8°F – 64.4°F
  • Max Capacity: 124 standard 750 mL bottles

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