Wine Enthusiast Staff Picks for the Best Holiday Gifts of 2023
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Wine Enthusiast Staff Picks for the Best Holiday Gifts of 2023

Some things just make sense—like showering friends and family with wine-themed gifts. That’s especially true if you work at Wine Enthusiast.

This year, we gathered input from our team of on-staff oenophiles to determine the best wine gifts for this holiday season. From ordinary corkscrews and glassware to a family-approved Napa Valley Monopoly board game, here are our top picks.

What We’re Gifting This Year

Art Series Deluxe Wine Tower Decanting Set

“Opening a bottle of wine with family and friends has become such a fun shared experience with this decanter. I put this right in the middle of the table and watch the science of aerating unfold in front of everyone’s eyes!” — John Burke, Executive Director of Customer Experience

$129 Wine Enthusiast

Recanter Wine Breather Decanter

“We love to BYOB at our local restaurant for date night. After years of collecting, I like to make sure whatever special gem we bring has enough time to open for optimum enjoyment. I won’t take credit for this idea — one of our happy customers recommended using the Recanter Wine Breather Decanter to aerate the wine an hour before you leave and then rebottle it. We pop the cork back in and head to the restaurant for a perfect experience with one of our prized bottles outside of our home!” — Jacqueline Strum, President and Publisher of Wine Enthusiast Media

$49.95 Wine Enthusiast

Wine Enthusiast x L’Atelier du Vin Oeno Corkscrew

“I adore the L’Atelier du Vin corkscrews and this new model takes the pleasure of a smooth opening to a new level! I never have to worry about tight corks because this corkscrew is strong as steel. It also looks beautiful on the table.” — Erika Strum Silberstein, President, Wine Enthusiast Commerce

$170 Wine Enthusiast

Wine Enthusiast x Cheer Moda Electric Sparkling Wine Opener

“Our new Electric Sparkling Wine Opener is like a dream come true for me. I’ve always been a bubbles fan with a secret fear of opening a bottle on my own as I pictured corks flying and injuring my friends. Now I can enjoy sparkling wine anytime without any worries.” — Sybil Strum, Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer

$79 Wine Enthusiast

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Wine Enthusiast Somm Universal Handblown Wine Glass

“When I entertain at home, I love making a statement with glassware. The Somm universal glass is not only gorgeous but helps me transition between sparkling, white and even full-bodied reds with ease. And though these glasses are surprisingly lightweight, they can handle the dishwasher, making clean-up super simple.” — Anna Christina Cabrales, Wine Enthusiast magazine Tasting Director

$40 Each Wine Enthusiast

Pirouette Break-Resistant Universal Wine Glasses

“I love how elegant these glasses feel when drinking out of them. They also make a beautiful display of glassware waiting for your guests on the table. They are so versatile, and I don’t have to worry about any breakage when hosting.” — Michelle Shkreli, Merchandising and Product Development Manager

$25 Each Wine Enthusiast

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Head Golf Ball Display Shelf

“Wine + Golf = Perfection!  I can’t think of a better holiday gift for wine and golf lovers!” — Glenn Edelman, Chief Marketing Officer

$179 Wine Enthusiast

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Backyard Golf Set

“I love cornhole as much as the next person. But to be able to take that game to the next level and add the precision of the golf short game is just pure genius. It’s such a fun game to have for those backyard barbecues for all my golf-loving friends to enjoy!” — Marshall Tilden III, Chief Revenue and Education Officer

$429 Wine Enthusiast

Personalized Large Tabletop Four In A Row Game

“This game checks the entertainment box for holiday hosting. It’s a statement piece that evokes nostalgia. Guests immediately feel comfortable sitting down to play while enjoying their wine. Conversation and friendly competition soon follow.” — Bonnary Lek, Director of Public Relations

$299 Wine Enthusiast

Monopoly Napa Valley Edition Board Game

“Some of my fondest childhood memories include playing endless games of Monopoly with my dad who was the only person capable of seeing the game through till the very end, even if he went broke. Now that I have the privilege of working in the wine industry, I love the idea of introducing the joy of one of my favorite games—and locations—to my kids.” — Dara P. Kapoor, Vice President of Content

$44.99 Wine Enthusiast

Canvas Wine Bottle Gifts Bags (Set of 5)

“A perfect way to go to your many holiday parties with a bottle of wine. These awesome canvas wine bags have different saying to match any mood and are all secured with a leather tie.” Barbara Gianis, Senior Director of Circulation and Print 

$39 Wine Enthusiast

Full Grain Buffalo Leather and Sherpa-Lined 2-Bottle Wine Bag

“I use these bags to go everywhere. I love how you can disguise what’s in the bag and when you arrive at your destination and pull your bottles out you automatically become the coolest person in the room! The leather is so rich, and it just gets better with time. I’ve gifted them and people are always impressed. It helps that it comes with a wine opener too.” — Nancy Essapour, Senior Director of Merchandising

$99 Wine Enthusiast

Vino-Voyage TSA-Approved 6-Bottle Wine Suitcase

“While this suitcase was meant for air travel, I’m actually using it every week to bring wine to family dinners. Bottles are heavy, and those wheels are a game changer.” — Marco Bruno, Social Media Strategist

$199 Wine Enthusiast