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Opening Champagne and Sparkling Wine Bottles Just Got Easier

Popping open a bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine is one of the most common joys in life. But first there’s the fear of doing it incorrectly and losing precious liquid in a spillover or worse, accidentally allowing a flying cork to hit someone in the eye. “The flying cork is fully real,” says Wine Enthusiast Senior Tasting Coordinator Cody Wexler. “I got distracted pouring one time. Next thing I know the cork is ejected at high speed into the ceiling.”

It takes a series of careful steps and practice to properly uncork a bottle of sparkling wine and not everyone is up for that kind of pressure. “It’s not the easiest method to employ—and certainly not the quickest,” says Wine Enthusiast Senior Editor Stacy Briscoe, who regularly teaches students at Napa Valley Wine Academy the proper technique.

Enter the exclusive Wine Enthusiast x Cheer Moda Electric Sparkling Wine Opener. The first and only automatic wine opener for sparkling wine, it takes the guesswork and anxiety out of uncorking those highly pressurized bottles so you can effortlessly enjoy well-chilled sparkling wine in less time. Here are six reasons why this innovative wine gadget is a must-have.

Electric Sparkling Opener
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1. A Safer, Gentler “Pop” that Preserves Bubbles

Contrary to the popular portrayal of loud, frothy openings, Brisco says the cork should disengage with a little hiss, not a “pop” to safely enjoy sparkling wine at its best. Unlike other automatic wine openers, the Wine Enthusiast Electric Sparkling Wine Opener is specially designed with a double layer structure for protection and noise reduction. It also includes a buffer system to offset the high air pressure, uncorking bottles with minimal release of CO2 and preserving those precious bubbles.

2. Quicker, Simpler Openings

After you remove the foil and cage (or muselet) from the cork, you’ll be able to easily open your bubbly in seconds. Just hold the bottle with one hand, making sure to secure the cork with your thumb. Using the other hand, gently push the device onto the neck as you simultaneously press the button to extract the cork. Simply press the button again to release it.

3. It’s Easy on the Hands

Manually opening sparkling wine bottles takes some dexterity and strength of the hands, which can be tiresome when entertaining or difficult for weak or arthritic hands. “Opening the foil and cage over and over when you’re doing sparkling flights is very taxing on the hands,” adds Wexler who has had to resort to wearing workout gloves to help ease his discomfort when doing tastings. The electric opener is smooth to the touch, easy to grasp and cuts the usual manual work required in half.

4. It Comes With a Sparkling Wine Bottle Stopper

If you find yourself with unfinished bubbly, Wexler says it can be kept fresh for a few days with an airtight seal. The included stopper has a rotating locking design to contain increasing air pressure inside the bottle that may occur and preserves the sparkling wine’s effervescence and flavor for up to three days.

5. It’s Efficient and Portable

It uncorks up to 180 bottles with just four AA batteries, so you don’t have to be troubled by charging wires or bases, and can easily be tucked into a travel bag or drawer. Made from high-grade stainless steel, it’s corrosion-resistant, easy to clean and boasts a durable sophisticated finish that will endure many openings.

6. It’s the First of Its Kind

Whether you’re a wine pro or just a lover of bubbly, the Electric Sparkling Wine Opener delivers a much-needed convenience that every wine drinker will appreciate and is sure to be a big hit when entertaining or gifting. “There’s nothing I hate more than being trapped outside of a good bottle of Champagne,” says Briscoe who has added the wine opener to her holiday wish list.