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The 10 Best Wedding Gifts for Wine Lovers

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Shopping for the perfect wedding present for wine lovers is no easy feat. Though wine on its own can make a great gift—especially if it means something unique to the couple—it’s nice to pair the bottle with something extra special. Fortunately, we’re here to help take some of the stress out of the gift-giving process with plenty of expert tips.

First, you’ll need to pick a great bottle of booze. “Giving a bottle from a vintage from the year the newlyweds met or got engaged is a fun idea and shows that you also pay attention to the milestones in their relationship,” says Janice Carnevale, event planner and wedding expert with Bellwether Events in Washington, D.C. “A custom case for them to open over several anniversaries would [also] be an incredibly thoughtful gift.”

Next, you’ll want to determine what else you plan to gift the guests of honor. “Most often, we see wine given as part of a wedding gift, often accompanied by a gift of cash or sometimes accompanied by wine glasses,” says Sara Bauleke, wedding planner and designer at Bella Notte in Washington, D.C.

But before you begin browsing, be sure to check the couple’s registry to see if they have listed any wine-centric items, suggests Carnevale. “They might have glassware, a [wine] opener or a chiller on their list, which would pair great with a bottle you pick for them,” she says.

Finally, as you search for the perfect wine-centric gift for the bride and groom-to-be, consider how much you want to shell out.

“Generally speaking, couples will expect gifts in various price ranges depending on their financial situation,” says Jacqueline Vizcaino founder of Tinted Events Design and Planning in Atlanta.

Cathy O’Connell, co-founder of COJ Events in La Quinta, California, recommends spending somewhere between $100 to $200 or more, but staying in the range of what you can afford. Remember, it’s the thought that counts. Also, keep in mind that this number can vary depending on how close you are to the couple.

Here, we break down some fantastic wedding gift ideas for wine lovers across an array of price points.

10 Best Wine Wedding Gifts

Personalized Vivid Decanter

Any oenophile knows the importance of using a wine decanter. It is crucial when it comes to letting the vino “breathe” to enhance its aroma, flavor and texture—while also separating it from any solids or sediments. For one that combines functionality and style with a sweet, sentimental touch, consider this Vivid Decanter, which can be personalized with the couple’s initials. The decanter is hand-made in Europe and constructed with lightweight, lead-free crystal for added durability. Plus, at under $60, it won’t break the bank.

$59.95 Wine Enthusiast

Personalized Reclaimed Wine Barrel Head Cork Collectors Display

Wine enthusiasts can put their love of the beverage on full display with this Personalized Reclaimed Wine Barrel Head Cork Collectors Display. It can be customized to feature the couple’s last name and initials, as well as the year of the wedding. The display—which has two hooks on the back for fuss-free installation—is also equipped with a bunghole on top of the barrel, allowing couples to easily add and remove corks. Go the extra mile and gift the newly married pair a bottle of their most beloved vino so that they can instantly start their cork collection.

$329.00 Wine Enthusiast

Personalized Wine Enthusiast Somm Universal Handblown Wine Glass

Help your favorite wine-loving couple commemorate their milestone event with a set of personalized wine glasses etched with their last name and initials. This one-of-a-kind set features two hand-blown wine glasses with a sleek flared design and a large bowl ideal for swirling and sipping like a pro. Despite the glass’s intricate construction—a 21-step process requiring 15 glass blowers—they are dishwasher-safe, making them well-suited for everyday use.

$120.00 Wine Enthusiast

Personalized Wine Gift Box and Cork Catcher

Think of this personalized wine gift box and cork catcher as multiple presents in one. That’s because the wooden gift box—crafted from solid pine and complete with a walnut stain finish—doubles as a cork catcher. As a bonus, it even serves as a stylish accent piece that makes a great addition to any bar cart, dining table, shelf or counter space. Oh, and did we mention it can fit any standard-size bottle of wine or Champagne? The sliding plexiglass door, which has a hole in it, makes it easy to add and remove corks. Place a bottle of celebratory bubbly inside the gift box for an extra-special touch.

$99.00 Wine Enthusiast

Marble and Solid Acacia Wood All-In-One Lazy Susan Cheese Board (14 Piece Set)

Wine and cheese go together just as perfectly as your favorite soon-to-be-married couple, which is why you should consider gifting them this chic cheese board on their special day. The 14-piece set includes one Lazy Susan made with acacia wood, one removable marble insert (which can be conveniently chilled in the fridge), three cheese knives, three metal picks, three spoons and three ceramic bowls for snacks, like nuts and olives. Customize it by adding a monogram, last name and wedding year.

$179.95-$199.00 Wine Enthusiast

Vino-Voyage 2.0 TSA-Approved Wine Suitcase

The Vino-Voyage 2.0 TSA-Approved Wine Suitcase is perfect for couples to take on their wine-fueled honeymoon. The stylish piece of luggage comes in a beautiful Bordeaux-inspired red hue (how apropos) and is equipped with four double-spinner wheels and telescoping handles for easy maneuverability. Inside the suitcase, there are foam inserts to protect the bottles of wine, ensuring they’ll make it to their final destination safely. The TSA-approved lock provides an added sense of security. Choose from six– or 12-bottle-capacity suitcases, depending on how much wine you think the duo will take home as a token of their trip.

$299.00 Wine Enthusiast

Wine Enthusiast Somm du Vin 2-Bottle Wine Preserver and Chiller

Couples don’t necessarily have to agree on everything to have a successful partnership—and that includes their wine preferences. That’s where our Somm du Vin 2-Bottle Wine Preserver and Chiller comes into the picture. Each of the two storage zones can be individually set to 46°F, 54°F or 61°F, depending on the type of wine (i.e., reds, whites, or roses). What’s more, the wine preserver and chiller simultaneously preserve, chill and vacuum seals already-open wine bottles so that they can be enjoyed for up to 10 days. And, thanks to its compact design, it can be easily stored on the couple’s kitchen counter for easy access to their favorite bottles.

$399.00 Wine Enthusiast

L'Atelier du Vin Black Matte and Wood Lever Corkscrew

Any drinker can benefit from having an extra corkscrew around the kitchen. This one from L’Atelier du Vin is among the fanciest corkscrews on the market—though it’s well worth the splurge. Crafted from solid walnut wood and metal and featuring a sleek matte black coating, this single-lever corkscrew is elegant and easy to use. Simply slip it onto the bottle, push down, pull up and pour. Oh, and did we mention it includes a built-in foil cutter and ergonomic handle to ensure a sturdy, yet comfortable, grip? You can even have it personalized with the couple’s wedding date, initial or last name, so as long as it’s under eight characters.

$170.00-$190.00 Wine Enthusiast

Wine Enthusiast 6-Bottle Wine Cooler

Bordeaux lovers will especially adore this wine cooler, which holds and protects up to six standard-size bottles of Bordeaux. (Of course, it can also be used for other bottles, albeit not six of them.) The cooler’s digital touchscreen and LED display make it easy to control the temperature with a touch of a button, while the sturdy metal racks hold the bottles in place. Finally, its compact size is suitable for small spaces, be it a kitchen counter, bar cart or somewhere else.

$149.00 Wine Enthusiast

Wine Enthusiast Deluxe 8-Piece Barware Set – Mirror Finish

Cocktail-loving couples can take their home bar to the next level with this gorgeous eight-piece set, which features durable stainless steel plus a polished mirror finish. This one-of-a-kind wedding gift includes a handful of must-have cocktail tools like an iceless bottle chiller and an ice bucket—both of which are double-walled to keep your wine or alternate drink of choice nice and cool. It also comes with an ice scoop, cocktail shaker, jigger, bar strainer, stirrer and rimmed round tray for serving. Add their initials, wedding date or last name for a personalized touch.

$98.99 Wine Enthusiast